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Wooden Flooring in Tamworth

We offer a professional and cost effective wooden floor fitting service in the Tamworth and Staffordshire area. Our timber floor fitting team are all highly experienced craftsmen specialising in all aspects of contemporary wooden floor installation.

Wooden flooring is a natural product so extra care should be taken when assessing any room in which a new wooden floor is to be fitted. Wooden flooring planks can absorb many different types of atmosphere like moisture, cold, heat and damp. It’s therefore important to test rooms where wooden flooring will be fitted, for potentially damaging atmospheric conditions and rectify any issues before installation begins.

Basic room humidity should be between 15 and 25 degrees celsius and moisture levels in the wooden sub floor (original floorboards) should not be more than 2 – 3 degrees higher than the new hard wood floor being installed.

Hardwood flooring manufacturers often have differing recommendations for their particular floor type. It’s therefore important to check and verify before fitting any hardwood floor.

It’s also recommended to check existing floorboards or concreta for moisture concentration. This will help determin whether the floor can be fitted directly onto the existing sub floor or whether plywood sheeting should be instslled first.







Before staring to Intall a wooden floor it is important to ensure a correct starting point is identified. It is generally recommended that the first row of planks should be layed either at the centre of the room or along a parallel wall. Getting the correct start is crucial when laying a wooden floor because if it’s not square at the beginning, it will run out in the length of the room and will look obviously misaligned.

Wooden planks should be laid in the opposite direction to existing floor joists. Not only will this give more strength to the finished floor, it will ensure less movement in the boards. Oak wooden flooring is often secret nailed every 6 to 8 inches and is glued along the tongue and grove joint for extra strength. Generally the joints in the wood floor should not be closer than 12 inches from the nearest joint. This guarantees more strength to the floor boards. If the new wooden floor is laid on joists, they are usually fitted at 300mm to 400mm centres.

A percentage of waste should be allowed when fitting plank wooden flooring, and a larger percentage when fitting wooden blocks (possibly up to 10%), but this is the fitters responsibility.

All the above are basic guidance only and should be checked with British flooring standards BS 8201 1987. It’s not advised to begin fitting a wooden floor if you are not an experienced wooden floor fitter or a recommended and registered installer.


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