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Floor Sanding & Sealing in Tamworth

We offer a professional and cost effective floor sanding and sealing service in the Tamworth and Staffordshire area. Our floor sanding and floor sealing team are some of the best in the country and are all highly experienced craftsmen. We specialise in all aspects of floor sanding and sealing and can offer both a contemporary or traditional finish.

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials.

Many floor materials can be sanded, including wooden, cork and parque. Some floors are designed for sanding as soon as they are laid. Though older floors can only be sanded after previous coverings are removed and suitable material like timber is found beneath. There is usually three stages involved in the floor sanding process: Preparation, sanding, and sealing.

Preparation - Any nails or screws protruding above the boards should be punched down. Nails and screws can damage sanding machines. Staples used to secure previous floor coverings should also be removed.

Some adhesives which may have been used to fasten coverings will need to be removed. These adhesives can clog sand paper and gears of sanding machines, and some can even make sanding impossible.

Sanding - The “first cut” is term used for the first coat of sanding. This is usually done with coarse-grit paper to remove old coatings like paint or adhesive and to flatten the floor. If there are any differences in height between boards these are also flattened and removed.


Belt Sanding

Edging Sanding




Commonly 40 grit sand paper is used for the first cut. Any areas which cannot be reached by the large belt sanders are sanded using an edging sander. 80 grit sand paper is usually used for the second cut. The belt sander is used in line with the grain of the timber during this cut. Finally a finishing machine is used to create the final finish. The grit paper usually used during the finishing cut is 100-150 sand paper.

Sealing - The sanded floor is coated with polyurethane, oils, or other sealants. These are often highly poisonous, so wearing a suitable face mask is recommended. In commercial properties like pubs, restaurants and busy public areas, four coats of seal is usually applied; a prime coat and three top coats. De nibbling and sanding down after the second coat is usually necessary as water based sealants

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